Being an artist is not the easiest job you can imagine

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I often hear people say that being an artist is not a real job or that artists have it easy since they don’t have to work on a strict schedule. Many of these common beliefs couldn’t be further from the truth and they are really frustrating for anyone who knows anything about being an artist.

Creating art – whether that be writing a novel, shooting photos, painting, dancing or any other artistic activity – is a job if you choose to do it for a living and it requires just as much effort and dedication as any other job, if not even more.

There are many obstacles an artist has to face that most people aren’t aware of. For instance, some might think that artists spend their days in a studio, having fun and not stressing about the practical aspects of life. But the truth is that most dayswhat we do feels just like a regular job. We have to deal with the routine of constantly trying to make our work known to the public, keeping up with the social media, searching for clients, trying to respect a specific schedule and so on.

Being an artist implies so much more than just creating art. You have to make a living out of it and that means you must learn how to run your own business. It takes a lot of time until you learn all the ins and outs and there are times when you feel like you’ll never going to be able to make it on your own. All the tedious technical aspects like meetings,bookkeeping or taxes are a reality that not even artists can escape.

As an artist, you are your own boss, but you also work with other people, like clients or collaborators so you have deadlines and a schedule that you must take into consideration. You must organize yourself if you want to be able to finish your work on time. It’s much harder to respect a schedule when you’re also the one that has to create it. It’s not unusual to lose motivation and there’s no one to push you to do things, you have to push yourself.

Sleeping in late and working whenever the inspiration kicks in is not how you succeed as an artist.Time is money, just like in any other field of work and you can’t just wait for divine inspiration. Things don’t always come naturally, there are no angels whispering in your ear what to do and then you just do it. Perseverance is the key. You must work and work, no matter how tired or bored you are, until you find inspiration. The process of creating can be stressful and messy and if you don’t have an honest passion for your art, then you’ll lose interest eventually.

What I want to point out is that being an artist is a tough profession that deserves to be appreciated and respected. After all, artists have the power to make this crazy world that we’re living in a bit more bearable.




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